Sharing Cupboard

The Sharing Cupboard Food Pantry opened its doors to serve the community of West Brookfield in the spring of 2002.

While it had its beginnings in the Mission Committee of the First Congregational Church of West Brookfield, it became an Ecumenical effort when help was requested at the West Brookfield Ecumenical Council. Volunteers and donations came from all the churches in the community, and still do.

Due to growing needs, the Sharing Cupboard become a partner agency with the Worcester County Food Bank.  The Worcester County Food Bank provides commodities in several ways. USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) provides a number of food items which are free and available weekly as needed. MEFAP (Massachusetts Emergency Food Assistance Program) also provides a list of food items which are free and are included in the State Budget to make this food available to each community in the state that has a food pantry.  There is also an array of donations from various food chains and warehouses that are also free. To maintain a warehouse staff, there is a nominal per pound processing fee for these items.

We are open twice each week, Wednesday mornings (10-11:30) and Thursday evenings (7-8 p.m.)  We service West Brookfield, Warren and West Warren. The Sharing Cupboard allows clients to choose the items they will use, rather than offer a pre-bagged amount with set items.  In its beginning the Sharing Cupboard might serve 25 people in a month.  The need has increased so that 75-90 families may be served in a month which could cover about 175-225 people.  We are grateful to the Boy Scouts and community for the continued support and are proud to serve the community.

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